What’s Happening with the NBBX?

******************WE ARE OPEN!!***************
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm. Cash only

******************  12/13/2023  ****************
The New Brunswick Bike Exchange will be open through December 21… and then we will be CLOSING FOR THE WINTER until April. Look here, or on our Facebook Page, for information about re-opening.
The New Brunswick Bike Exchange
******************  11/20/2023  ****************
We will be running a $5 sale on kids bikes (20″ wheels and below, not BMX bikes) for the holiday season while supplies last.
The New Brunswick Bike Exchange
BALANCE BIKES! We now have balance bikes for kids AND FOR ADULTS! Come on in and let us help you teach yourself, or your kids, how to ride!
The New Brunswick Bike Exchange
On Saturday, September 17th, the New Brunswick Bike Exchange (NBBX), in partnership with the City of New Brunswick, Keep Middlesex Moving, Harmony Family Success Center, PRAB, Mobile Family Success Center, New Brunswick Recreation, the New Brunswick Police Department, and Girls In Gear, presented the free New Brunswick Bike Rodeo at Recreation Park to a great turnout by the community.
The NBBX ran the ABC Quick Check station to ensure that participants’ bicycles were safely operational and their tires were inflated to the correct pressure.
Mayor James Cahill, who saved our program from shutting down when our lease was up at our old 90 Jersey Ave location in 2020, came by to see how we were doing.
Pictured with Mayor James Cahill and Clary Barber from the Mayor’s Office are NBBX volunteers, from left to right:
Joe Blaney, Yifan Zhang, Laura Cinque, Anna Hausmann, Harv Moy, and Nelson Bayas.
In Season Hours:

Tuesdays: 6PM to 8PM

Thursdays: 6PM to 8PM

** Check here and our Facebook page for last minute shop closings **

Bike essentials for beginners

Thinking about starting to bike, biking more often, or perhaps commuting by bike?  Did you just get a bike but aren’t sure what else you need?  Here are some helpful resources:

The folks at Gizmodo have tips for commuting:    Gear You Need To Commute By Bike

The folks at REI have tips for:

The folks at Bike New York have tips for:

Protecting your bike from theft

It has probably happened to you or someone you know: Having your bike stolen. It is not fun and it is just infuriating.  Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent your bike from getting stolen, there are ways to deter would be thieves from choosing your bike as their next target.  We found these articles to be very helpful:

Check back often to see what we are up to!

Ready for Season 4

If you want to get involved in the New Brunswick Bike Exchange there are a couple ways of doing so:

  • Organize and/or host a bike drive in your community, workplace, church, boy/girl scout troop, or other community and service oriented organizations. If you can put the word out to your community, we will provide support for the drive including brochures, fliers, and transportation to get the donated bikes back to our warehouse.
  • Volunteer in our shop, located in the warehouse at PRAB’s 90 Jersey Avenue facility. No mechanic experience is necessary and there are a variety of volunteer roles. We need cashiers, salespeople, accountants, mechanics, and bike drive coordinators.  Check out our Volunteering page for more details.

Have any more questions? Send us an email at nbbikeexchange@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

PRAB is a Human Services Organization in Middlesex County, New Jersey that provides a comprehensive range of essential services for children, youth, families and senior citizens. For more information on PRAB, click their logo.

Hope to see you around the shop!

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