How the New Brunswick Bike Exchange works.

In a nutshell, the New Brunswick Bike Exchange accepts donations of bikes (we’ll also accept bike parts, bike accessories, bike tools, and helmets), our volunteers refurbish them, and we then offer them for sale at a fraction of their original cost.  For example, the typical suggested donation for an adult bike is around $40 to $100. Proceeds help fund the community service programs of PRAB. See their website via the link on our home page to learn about all that they do for our community.
We accept cash only.
Unless otherwise noted, the bikes will be operational and safe to ride, but they may be cosmetically challenged with scratches, dings, surface rust, faded paint, nicks/cuts on the saddle, damaged/missing decals or headbadges, etc.
We’ll address any mechanical issues that we may have missed within 30 days of purchase but we do not cover parts that are subject to wear or road hazards, such as tires and inner tubes.
We do not sell bike parts, do repairs, or offer maintenance services. For such things, we encourage you to support our local bike shop small business owners such as Bike N Gear in Somerset and Kim’s Bikes in New Brunswick.
The New Brunswick Bike Exchange
– Get a safely operating bike at a fraction of its original cost.
– Live a healthy and more active lifestyle through cycling.
– Keep an unwanted bike from going to our landfill.
– Proceeds help fund the community service programs of PRAB.
Your wallet wins, your health wins, the environment wins, and the community wins!
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