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Who We Are

The New Brunswick Bike Exchange is a program of PRAB, a nonprofit comprehensive human services organization, in partnership with the New Brunswick Recreation Department.
We are a group of volunteers serving Middlesex County in support of a healthier and more active community. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, from local residents to faculty and graduate students from nearby Rutgers University, to cycling enthusiasts from the surrounding area.


Our mission is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through cycling while raising money to support community cycling programs as well as PRAB’s community services. To achieve this mission, Bike Exchange volunteers pick up, repair and refurbish donated bicycles, and recirculate them back into the community at a fraction of their original costs. Essentially, we make cycling more affordable/accessible, promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, keep unwanted bikes from choking our landfills, and help fund essential community services.

Our History

The New Brunswick Bike Exchange is the product of hard work and thoughtful connections. In the summer of 2012, cycling advocate Gerald Fittipaldi approached Russ White, founder of the Trenton Bike Exchange and godfather to them all, about the possibility of starting one in New Brunswick. The idea was brought to Jeffrey Vega, President of New Brunswick Tomorrow, who recognized the benefits that the Bike Exchange model would bring to New Brunswick. Jeffrey and NBT were instrumental in the early planning of the NBBE, bringing together Russ, Gerald, and Mario Vargas at PRAB and offering advice on recruitment.

When Gerald had to relocate to Washington DC, he tapped Brian Stromberg to act as the new coordinator. Together with Julio Garcia, Director of Operations at PRAB, Brian began the work of recruitment and planning in the fall of 2012. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy had other plans. Facilities damage from the hurricane and the use of the warehouse for Sandy relief operations delayed any meaningful progress until the spring. Recruitment of volunteers and the improvements to the facilities resumed in April 2013 and by June the NBBE was ready to open, due in large part to the efforts of a devoted core of volunteers and the dedication of PRAB. Brian left the area soon after the opening, and Leighann Kimber took over as Director.

In 2019, Leighann was no longer able to commit to an active role at the New Brunswick Bike Exchange, so she handed off the reins to Harv Moy but stayed on as an Advisor.

During Harv’s time on the helm; the NBBX as a whole faced a global pandemic; relocation into a smaller location;  and all the while; nurturing relationships with other non-profit organization in the community and surrounding areas; that align with the NBBX vision and mission statement.

In 2022; Harv & his family relocated to Arizona and Jim Brittain was passed the baton of director. Jim, one of the  founding volunteers who left in 2017 due to work obligations, but upon retirement, promptly returned to us in 2022, just in time take the lead.

Our Leading Staff

Jim Brittain, Program Director, Senior Mechanic and Volunteer Educator

  • A founding volunteer who left due to work obligations, but upon retirement, promptly returned to us in 2022.

Rickie George, Senior Mechanic.

  • Volunteer since 2017
Anna Haussman, Shop assistant and Community Outreach
  • Volunteer since 2020.
  • Anna loves to being able to support our community while developing her mechanical skills through volunteering at the NBBX.  Anna also volunteers with a group called Girls in Gear where they teach life skills through bike skills.  Oner free time; Anna enjoys biking, baking, and spending time with her two cats Nathan and Melvin.
Nelson Bayas, Shop Manager, Senior Mechanic
  • Volunteer since 2015
  • An IT Analyst by day, Nelson splits his free nights between wrenching at the Bike Exchange and playing drums with his band. Nelson is an avid cyclist who rides his bike on the daily as a workout. From time to time, Nelson participates on rides for charity and organized rides; and races an occasional triathlon.  Nelson also has an affinity for travel near and far and exploring the local culture, foods, and drinks. “The best way to experience any city is by riding a bike to get around” is his philosophy.  

Our YouTube intro:

About The New Brunswick Bike Exchange

Stats Since 2015 (as of December 2022)

Annual Balances
Year Bikes Sold Sales Amount Expenses Balances
2022 165 $ 8,525.00 $ 2,007.93 $ 6,517.07
2021 112 $ 5,106.00 $ 390.43 $ 4,715.57
2020 149 $ 6,895.00 $ 160.50 $ 6,734.50
2019 100 $ 4,205.00 $ 1,055.00 $ 3,150.00
2018 78 $ 3,470.00 $ 1,525.00 $ 1,945.00
2017 154 $ 6,411.00 $ 704.00 $ 5,707.00
2016 143 $ 7,670.00 $ 983.00 $ 6,687.00
2015 122 $ 6,778.00 $ 1,520.00 $ 5,258.00
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