The New Brunswick Bike Exchange collects and refurbishes donated bikes and recycles them back into the community. We have two goals in doing this. First, we hope that making bicycles more available will promote a more active and healthy lifestyle for both children and adults. Second, the money from selling the bikes supports the various programs and services provided by PRAB to the New Brunswick community.


Our Volunteers

Volunteers form the backbone of our organization. There are no paid positions at the Bike Exchange; we are 100% volunteer-based. Volunteers assist with management, day-to-day operations and tasks around the shop.

Volunteer Tasks

We are frequently asked if experience with bicycle maintenance is necessary in order to volunteer at the Bike Exchange. This is absolutely not the case! We have tasks for anyone and everyone who is willing to lend their time to help with our cause. Working at the shop is also a great way to pick up some basic bicycle maintenance skills.

We also rely on volunteers with bicycle mechanic skills and experience to work through our stockpile of donated bikes and make them road-ready. Mechanics – your skills are much needed and appreciated!

Some common volunteer tasks include:

  • Fixing donated bicycles
  • Cleaning and polishing bicycles that are ready to be sold
  • Disassembling broken bikes to retrieve usable parts (this requires no previous experience, and is a great way to learn¬†about how bikes work!)
  • Sorting and organizing bike parts
  • Helping customers in selecting a bike
  • Assisting with preparations for New Brunswick Cyclovia and other community events

We also use volunteers to perform managerial tasks, including sales, accounting, outreach and partnership building, planning bike drives and events, and other tasks. If you have volunteered with us a fair amount, and would like to become a member of the managerial team, you can request a Manager Application by speaking with one of our managers.

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